Networks in the fight against terrorism

The following listing (work in progress) seeks to capture networks and forums in the area of European counterterrorism cooperation (executive - see comments under general). In light of the varied degree of formalisation and flexible range of participants, a distinction is made between networks that are associated to the EU and other European networks. Individual descriptions, in so far as available, are derived from the self-presentation of the respective networks (webpage) or official documents. Feedback is welcome!


EU-focused Networks

Atlas Group

The Atlas Group, which associates central anti-terrorist units of the Police of the European Union countries, was appointed in order to provide EU citizens with a high level of security through common cooperation, an exchange of information and experience between competent police forces. To the main objectives of the Atlas also belongs permanent increase in the level of professionalism of its units, mutual support, conduct of common projects and operations in the event of a terrorist threat on a large scale.

European Explosive Ordonance Disposal Network

EU First Response Network (FRN)

The police chiefs of seven European countries have accepted an invitation from the Director of Europol to establish an EU First Response Network to provide an integrated operational platform to deal with the aftermath of the attacks in Norway in 2011.

Other Networks:

G8 Terrorism Practioners' Group

Police Working Group on Terrorism

Actors & Agencies


Europol is the European Union's law enforcement agency whose main goal is to help achieve a safer Europe for the benefit of all EU citizens.