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Special section on JHA affairs


General security news in European newspapers


Automated and regular news and agenda feed on JHA 



Automated news on different EU topics, including think tanks etc



News selection and commentary

Statewatch News Online

The most extensive weekly newsletter on current developments in Justice and Home Affairs (EU and UK), strong critical agenda

European Area of Freedom Securita and Justice News

Daily selection of news on ASFJ by group of researchers with extensive archive and automated feed (RSS see below)

European Area of Freedom Security & Justice

Important blog portal by FREE Group (Belgium NGO), uniting leading academics in the field of AF 

EU Law Analysis

Blog with mixed content (searchable), regular contributions on ASFJ by leading legal scholars in the field

European Law Blog

Blog with mixed content (searchable)

European Courts

Blog on case law by ECHR and CJEU

(Beta-test) platform for meta-crawling of blog portals, sorted by issue area (link to JHA).

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