Databases for further research


European Commission: e-Library Migration and Home Affairs

The e-library provides photos, videos, facts & figures, and publications in the field of migration and home affairs. Documents can be searched by keywords, policy or document type.

European Commission: Register of Documents

The document search is useful when the document number or the publication date is already known. Alternatively, a full text search can be used.

European Council / Council of the European Union: Public Register

This register gives access to all kinds of documents published by the European Council and the Council of the European Union.

Statewatch database

The statewatch database is searchable by keywords for all European topics. The advanced search limits the search to specific states or categories.

Statewatch European Monitoring & Documentation Centre on Justice and Home Affairs in the EU

In the archive, statewatch collects over 7,000 documents in the field of Justice and Home Affairs from 1976 to 2000. Furthermore, the JHA agenda and the legislative observatory contain the most recent documents on various issues.

Legal documents:


The eucrim-database provides laws, bills, initiatives, and reports related to European criminal law and criminal procedure. The documents are classified by topic, type, and source.

EUR-Lex: Freedom, Justice and Security

This EUR-Lex website contains summaries on EU legislation on the EU's area of freedom, security and justice.

Pre-Lex: Monitoring of the decision-making process between institutions (Legislative Procedures, European Union Law)

Pre-lex can be searched for legislative procedures, and it provides recently published legislation documents.

Reports / Studies:

European Parliament: Committees

This database contains the research papers produced by the European Parliament's various research services, in particular studies, in-depth analyses and briefings produced by policy departments, the Economic Governance Support Unit and the Directorate for Impact Assessment and European Added Value.

European Parliament: Think Tank

The European Parliament Think Tank gives access to policy documents, classified by policy area, author, keyword, or date.

European Union Open Data Portal

The European Union Open Data Portal provides over 8,000 datasets that can be browsed by keywords or subjects.

EU bookshop

EU Portal for various studies and academic reports by the Commission and the European University Institute

Cordis (Community Research and Development Information Service)

In this database, one can search for projects conducted by EU member states in the field of security. Other subjects are available.

Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizens, European Commission

As an official EU body, the mission of the JRC Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen (JRC-IPSC) is to enhance safety and stability of the European society. The Institute publishes various reports and studies in this area (linked keyword security, see other tags on external website).