Research resources on criminal justice

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences:

The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) is an international association established in 1963 to foster professional and scholarly activities in the field of criminal justice. ACJS promotes criminal justice education, research, and policy analysis within the discipline of criminal justice for both educators and practitioners.

Academy of European Law:

The Academy of European Law is a non-profit public foundation that provides training in European law to legal practitioners. ERA organises conferences and seminars around Europe and offers an online training programme which includes a broad range of courses and e-presentations. Podcasts and resources can be accessed under resources and projects. 

European Judicial Network:

On this website, several legal tools for research are available, both for Belgium and for Europe. The Atlas allows the identification of the locally competent authority that can receive one's request for mutual legal assistance. The compendium offers to create or to upload rogatory letters and arrest warrants. Additionally, a judicial database library can be scanned for legal instruments, statements, status of implementation, reports etc.

Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy, Ghent University:

IRCP conducts and promotes internationally relevant scientific research regarding criminal policy issues. The field of research of IRCP focuses on three main themes: justice and home affairs in the EU, international and comparative criminal law and criminal justice, and Belgian criminal law and criminal justice.

Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law:

Research undertaken at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law is comparative, international, interdisciplinary, and/or empirical in nature and focuses on criminal law, crime, crime control, and crime victims. The comparative law approach involves examining, comparing, and contrasting foreign legal systems and practices with the German criminal justice system.

European Criminal Law Associations' Forum (Eucrim):

Eucrim is a new online journal. It serves as a Europe-wide forum for European criminal law and intends to encourage discussion among both practitioners and academics. It is addressed to the Members of the Associations of Lawyers of European Criminal Law and the Associations for the Protection of the Financial Interests of the European Communities, as well as all interested parties.

United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute:

UNICRI is a United Nations entity established in 1967 to support countries worldwide in preventing crime and facilitating criminal justice. UNICRI is mandated to assist intergovernmental, governmental and non-governmental organizations in formulating and implementing improved policies in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice.