This site serves as a non-commercial acadamic platform for researching EU internal security cooperation, which is closely related to the development of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. 

Internal Security is a contested term, but loosely understood here as cooperation in matters of police and criminal justice, counterterrorism and border security (and related aspects of migration control policy). 

The site includes official sources, journalistic news as well as critical commentary and academic resources to foster a multi-dimensional perspective. 

Furthermore, the site follows academic policy analysis, which typically distinguishes executives (for adminstration/implementation), policy-makers and a wider set of stakeholders (interest groups) in a given issue area.

The ambition is to map the policy field of EU/European Internal Security Cooperation in a more accessible as well as comprehensive manner. As is reflected on the following pages, the policy area includes a growing number of actors and networks that reach well beyond the official policy-making institutions, such as the Council of the European Union, and central agencies, such as EUROPOL. 

In addition, the site should also raise mutual awareness among researchers and stakeholders across different European countries. The list of academic literature under thematic headings will be extended on a rolling basis.

All content reflects work in progress. Feedback and comments are very welcome (